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When you purchase insurance policies for your home or vehicle, the policy has maximum limits on what they will pay out or cover following an accident. Consider the aftermath of even a minor fender bender. If you are found at fault for the accident, you will be responsible for the injured party’s medical expenses and repair bills. Your insurance policy will cover these expenses up to a limit. If the other person decides to sue, you will also be held responsible for their legal fees. As the costs mount quickly, it’s easy to understand how even a somewhat minor accident can reach the limits of your insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can help you in this situation. At SteelKey Insurance LLC, our team works with residents throughout Pennsylvania to get the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family financially.

When accidents happen, you need to have the right coverage in place. Umbrella insurance comes into effect when your policy reaches the maximum limit of coverage. It then covers the excess expenses above that cap. Otherwise, you would be responsible for those expenses. So, having umbrella insurance in place protects you and your family financially. To give another example, if someone is injured on your property due to your negligence, you are responsible for their medical expenses. They also have the right to sue. If your home insurance covers up to $300,000, but the costs total $450,000, you are responsible for those bills that aren’t covered. With an umbrella policy, those additional expenses are taken care of. Umbrella policies also go into effect in libel, slander, and invasion of privacy cases.

In Pennsylvania, our team at SteelKey Insurance LLC are ready to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage. Call or come by to visit with our agents and discuss an umbrella insurance policy and get a quote. The best time to get the right coverage is before an accident happens.


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